About Us

From the onset, it has been our goal to bring your business, more business through our all encompassing service.

In 2011, Peninsula Web Marketing started with the idea of bringing quality, optimised websites to small businesses throughout Australia but without the exorbitant price tag that normally accompanies such a resource. Capitalising on emerging technologies, we committed to reduce website build times whilst maintaining our exemplary build quality and incorporating numerous different methods to bring, and then keep, more relevant customers to your sites.


Relevant Customers = Greater Profits


We can proudly say that we have achieved this goal and now continue to expand and improve our services as emergent technologies and trends come to the fore.


You decide the exact look of your site

Our use of the WordPress Content Management System means that your choice of website styles is nearly unlimited. Noting that many people are unsure about the potential look of their sites, the ability to browse through many thousands of site templates to choose an appealing design means you can see exactly what you will be getting before production commences, tailored to your specific business and requirements though. This system also allows for the very quick addition of plugins which add or enhance the features of your site and include everything from galleries to booking services and more. With a small amount of training this system can also see you, the customer, adding your own information to your site in the future as, once established, these sites are very easy to use and require no programming experience.


But it’s more than just looking pretty

Whilst the visual appeal of your site is of course important for attracting and then keeping customers on your site, what goes on behind the scenes is equally crucial. With the price of paid advertising in search engines dramatically increasing, being able to rank highly in search engines (such as Google) for the terms or ‘keywords’ that are relevant to your business is essential. Our sites, using the latest ‘On-Page Search Engine Optimisation‘ or SEO techniques bring numerous page one rankings which deliver those highly relevant customers to your site, without the added expense of paid advertising.


Learning about your business

The success of any website is determined well before a site is produced. This success is governed by accurately finding the relevant keywords associated with your business and then targeting those terms. People then search for these terms through the search engines and the higher you rank, the more visitors your site will receive. As part of our service, every business receives expansive keyword research to ascertain and then exploit the most relevant and highly searched terms for your business. And this is all before you pay a cent or a sign a contract.


Our relationship isn’t over the second money changes hands

Many businesses will simply produce your site, take the money and run. At Peninsula Web Marketing, we have a long term view of any business relationship and we are happy to offer advice, and even small changes to your site, for as long as you site is running, all free of charge. If you want your site managed more closely and updated regularly we also offer this as an optional one-off or subscription service.


It’s your site

We want to ensure that the end result is exactly what you have in mind. We will not try to bamboozle you with tech jargon in an effort to dissuade you from your goal, we will simply take your every request and strive to bring it to fruition.